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Water Testing
& Chemical
Balancing Assistance


Pool & Spa Water Testing

Able Pools & Spas is equipped with the ClearCare Expert computerized water analysis system to assist our customers with their pool or spa maintenance. Whether you need start-up help, summer maintenance, or just some advice, rest assured that the water care professionals at Able Pools & Spas are ready to provide superior care.

We suggest getting your water tested at least monthly during the swimming season or after heavy usage. Water test strips can assist in keeping your water chemicals in the range, but lab testing will help get it accurate. 

Pool & Spa Care Products

Owning a pool or spa can make every day seem like a holiday. Your pool or spa needs care and attention in order to get the best out of it. Clear, sparkling, pure water does not just happen but we can help you achieve that brilliant water quality.

We offer a variety of pool and spa care products in our Showroom. From water test strips, algaecides, balancers, salt, filters, start-up kits and more. 


On Sale Now

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All Jacuzzi Brand chemicals and filters are 30% off the retail price!!*

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All Lo Chlor Brand chemicals are 30% off the retail price!!*

*While Supplies Last

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