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Outdoor Pool from Above

Installation Process


Step-By-Step Installation Guide

We’ll arrive 1 or 2 days before the confirmed pool delivery from San Juan Pools to dig the hole and prep for the pool installation.  Once the pool is set, we begin leveling, backfilling, plumbing, setting equipment, and preparing for whatever pool surround is selected.  Following the construction, we will clean the pool and schedule your orientation or “pool school.”


Layout & Excavation

Able Pools will use San Juan’s dig plan to lay out the pool in the desired location. We will discuss orientation of the pool and make any final adjustments to the placement prior to excavating. 


Delivery, Leveling, Packing, Backfilling & Plumbing

Once the pool is delivered, we’ll begin the leveling, packing and backfilling process.  Temporary supports are used to level the pool and the base of the fiberglass is manually packed prior to filling the pool.  We fill the pool with water while it is backfilled in order to provide equal pressure and stability. After the pool is adequately stabilized, the PVC piping and conduit is run to the pool equipment location and the underground plumbing is pressure tested. Then the pump, filter and salt chlorinator will be set, and the electrician will be scheduled to connect power to the equipment.


Form & Pour Concrete or Upgraded Decking

Able will form the outside perimeter and install the cantilevered forms around the inside of the pool if a concrete deck is desired.  When an upgraded coping is selected, a beam of concrete is poured around the pool to act as a mechanical lock and provide a surface to adhere the pavers.  The concrete deck is then poured, or pavers laid and the pool surround is complete.


Cleaning & Equipment Start-up

Final cleaning of the pool is a multi-step process.  We use our own pump to vacuum the pool as many times as necessary prior to starting your new Hayward pump, filter and salt chlorinator.  Once the pool water is crystal clear and water chemistry balanced, we schedule your orientation & demonstration.  Able will present your turnover package with warranties and operation manuals in addition to showing you how to operate your system and equipment.

Request Pricing for a Fiberglass Pool

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