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Pool Tiles

Make it Your Own 


Finishing touches that are perfect for you

Our standard pool packages include everything you need for a 'swim ready' pool. But it's those personal touches that makes it yours. Whether it be water features, in-pool furniture, waterline tile, or travertine decking, we are able to make your vision a reality. 

Ledge Lounger.jpg

Ledge Lounger Pool Furniture

Summer is about fun and celebration. Soaking up every drop of sunshine with the ones you love. Our stylish in-pool and outdoor furniture is durable and architectural aesthetic. From chaise lounges to pool pillow floats and slides to game tables and furniture, they are sure to help you make the most of every summer moment. 


Pavers, Travertine, Marble, Limestone oh my!

Creating a space that is truely yours is always the goal. Our pool packages come standard with 4 feet of brushed concrete surrounding the pool shell with cantilever coping. If you are wanting more individuality in your pool project, look no more. We offer a variety of coping options and decking materials to make your backyard into your own personal resort. From pavers to marble, synthetic to natural, and a hardscapes contractor that has a talent that goes beyond words, we are sure to create your perfect pool. 


Water Features

Water features are a beautiful add on to any pool project. They offer another level of serenity when relaxing or entertaining. Choose from pairs of deck jets, bubblers, coping waterfalls or creative waterfall structures. 


Waterline Tile

San Juan Fiberglass pools don't require a waterline tile, like traditional in ground pools. However, if you love the look of glass tile or ceramic mosaics around the waterline of your pool, look no more. We offer a large assortment of waterline tile that can compliment your style, add character or just enhance your floating view. Glass, ceramic, stone, marble or synthetic tiles in a variety of styles and patterns. 

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