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Options & Upgrades
For Your Swim Spa


Build the perfect swim spa


Acrylic Shell and Cabinet Options

Executive & Aquatic Series Acyrlic Options


Alpine Mist

Pure White

Silver Marble

Executive & Aquatic Series Cabinets Options




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Upgrades and Packages

You can customize your swim spa to make it the perfect addition to your workout or just more fun for the family.  Choose from a variety of add-ons from lights, to waterfalls to even workout equipment. 

Join the HydroRevolution and take part in our 21-day wellness challege, too! 

Executive & Aquatic Swim Spa Collections
Options & Upgrades

Cover Options

~Insulated Hard Cover

The hard cover option is made from durable marine-grade vinyl. When installed in the closed position, it completely seals in the top of the swim spa for improved energy efficiency. Complete with cover locks for improved safety and security.

~Rollaway Spa Cover

This next generation one-piece spa cover creates a complete seal on the top of the spa; locking in heat, lowering energy consumption and cost. The Rollaway Spa Cover design enables one person to roll the cover off the swim spa in less than 60 seconds, providing immediat access to the swim spa. 

~Floating Summer Cover

Keeping your swim spa warm and ready for spontaneous usage while conserving energy and staying secure to prevent unwanted debris from entering your swim spa. 

AquaFitness Options

~F.O.R.M. Smart Swim Goggles  $400

The only swim goggles with a smart display that delivers metrics while you swim. These goggles are the missing piece in every swimmer's swim bag. FORM Swim Goggles are the swim coach that swims with you. After your swim, the app measures and tracks your workouts, making for a customizable swim every time. 

~AquaCord Swim Tether  $80

Includes an adjustable waist belt and stretch cord that anchors to the pop-up latch at the seat end of the swim spa. Providing a great upper body and abdominal workout. (swim, jog or exercise)

~Hydro Revolution Fitness Package  $549

The addition of this package turns any swim spa into an Aquatic Universal Gym. The resistance bands add another dimension to your workout and can be used anywhere in your swim spa within the swim area. These bands create a full range of motion and help promote muscular growth. 

~48" Wall-Mounted Exercise Bar  $229

These can be mounted within the interior of the swim spa and is intended to act as a stabilizing bar for stretching and various activities. 

~WhiteWater Option  $1,199

Add fun to any swim with the addition of the whitewater option. Imagine swimming in the surf at the ocean or in Class 5 rapids. The kids will never have so much fun. 

HydroTherapy Option  $1,059


HydroFlex Air Therapy System

Every Variable Speed Air Therapy System is designed to offer you a privileged moment. Up to 10,000 perfectly aimed heated air bubbles apply ideal pressure to provide you with a truly complete therapeutic massage.

Bellagio Package  $2,095

~Northern Lights*  $1,199

This upgrade to LED lights offers strategically placed lighting that illuminates all of the top-mounted control valves. They are brilliantly colored and sequence through a range of options. They are also complemented by LED ligthts that illuminate the waterfall jets from behind. 

~Bellagio Falls*  $1,249

The Bellagio Falls are a stunning waterfall feature which cascades, providing you soothing sounds and a visual delight for the whole family. Thes adjustable waterfalls are backlit with LED lighting when paired with the Northern Lights for a visual treat after dark. 

*Available separately or as a package

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