Surveying Your Home


Site Evaluation

The site evaluation process involves determining desired shape, size and location of the pool and equipment to narrow down the many San Juan Pools models and design the back yard considering outdoor living and sunbathing areas in relation to pool different pool models.  A very important aspect of the site evaluation process is identifying site restrictions such as setbacks and utility easements, which are typically identified on a professional survey.


Determine Access Limitations 

There can be several challenges when delivering a fiberglass pool, such as access to back yard or overhead utility lines.  Able Pools will clarify how large of a pool you could have based on site specifics.

Blue Print

Determine Approximate Location and Orientation of Pool

Able Pools will provide dig plan from San Juan for your model, which will show exact dimensions of the pool. We will discuss placement of the pool and begin to develop the site plan.

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Pool Surround Options

Once you’ve chosen your awesome pool design, it's time to start thinking about the pool surround. Able Pool will help determine what type, size and shape of deck will best complete your backyard paradise. It will be the most amazing area for socializing, dining and personal time.


Determine Pool Equipment Options and Location

There are many options to consider such as heaters, water features and waterline tile to consider in addition to the location of the pump, filter and other equipment. Able Pools will help you decide what's best for your new fiberglass swimming pool! 

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