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Local Swim-Ready Packages


Local LIFETIME Pool & Spa Packages

Discover the epitome of a hassle-free aquatic amenity with our Local LIFETIME Pool & Spa Packages. Great pride is taken in offering premier solutions that go beyond expected pool ownership woes. Our commitment surpasses only constructing a fiberglass swimming pool or concrete walkway. Experience a curated design process with a seamless installation experience tailored to your lifestyle and property! 
Say goodbye to unwelcome surprises, as our meticulous planning ensures that your investment remains transparent and cost-effective. With our swim-ready package, your pool not only boasts a pristine appearance on the day of install but maintains its timeless appeal for decades to come. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with free lifetime testing and comprehensive maintenance services, making every dip a pleasure. 

Get Started Today! Dive into a lifetime of aquatic serenity with Able Pool & Spas' unrivaled pool and spa packages. 


Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Fiberglass swimming pools were first constructed in the 1950’s, although fiberglass (glass fibers) had been around since the early 1930’s. Although this is oversimplification, air is blown at molten glass and produces strands, or fibers of glass, which can then be woven into matting or spun into strands – fiberglass. The key to fiberglass is the resins that are used to harden the fibers into the tough resilient product we use today to make swimming pools. Sometimes the fiberglass strands are run through a special gun which “chops” the strands while mixing resins but the higher quality swimming pools use sheets of fiberglass and force the resins into the fibers by hand. The mats of fiberglass are then laid on top of each other forming a strong flexible swimming pool. This method requires everything to be done by hand, but produces a beautiful final product that will last a lifetime and more. 

Without getting into mind numbing details, just be aware all fiberglass swimming pools are not constructed alike, and a little research into the company’s methods would be worthwhile. And, while fiberglass is (mostly) the same, the resins used are vitally different. The best fiberglass swimming pools, like San Juan Fiberglass Pools, will use pure Vinyl Ester (not marine grade) resins throughout the process – not just on the outside layers. It is more expensive to manufacture that way, but it ensures that your swimming pool will not have problems in a few years with fiberglass starting to come apart.



Easy to maintain

Quick installation

Can be beautifully designed



Higher initial cost

Shapes and sizes not as customizable

Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete swimming pools are just that – pools constructed of concrete sprayed into a wire mesh formed into the shape of the swimming pool. You will hear concrete pools referred to as shotcrete, Gunite (which is actually a brand name) or just concrete, but the process is essentially the same.

The design of the pool is laid out and the ground is excavated. Rebar (reinforcing steel bars) is then formed into the shape of the pool and tied together with steel wire. Then a concrete truck and an air compressor are joined together and the concrete is sprayed (shot) over the wire frame and troweled smooth. As the concrete hardens the pool takes shape, the floor of the pool is sprayed and it is all left to dry. Usually, the concrete is then covered with a coating of plaster (this will eventually become a maintenance issue) which smoothes the rough concrete making it more swimmer friendly.

While there is much more to do, and a lot of time left to complete the process, eventually the pool is filled with water, connected to the pump and filter and you are ready to swim.

San Juan Fiberglass Pools

Now more than ever people are spending more time at home. There's never been a better time to buy a pool, hot tub or swim spa and create your very own backyard paradise.

Discover Able's Swim Spa & Hot Tub Options Today! A curated outdoor experience is a click away.

Discover Able's Swim Spa & Hot Tub Options Today! A curated outdoor experience is a click away.