Process and Installation with Able Pools & Spas



We walk with you in your yard to see exactly where the pool should go and the best way it should face. That way, it fits perfectly in your yard. Then, we follow San Juan’s expert dig plan to ensure the excavation is correct.


Pour the Deck

If it’s in your plans, we install or pour your deck.


Delivery & Installation

We deliver the pool on the back of a semi-trailer and have our crane operators place it exactly where we decided it should go. From here, the process takes about 4 - 6 weeks. We level backfill and hook up the plumbing and the rest of the equipment. Once this is done, the electrician connects the power.



We schedule a time to show you how to operate everything and make sure you’re comfortable with your new systems.


Extensive Testing

When everything is in place and hooked up, we fill the pool and thoroughly clean it. Then, we test each part of your system, including your filter, pump, and salt chlorinator. Before you can jump in, we make sure the chemistry is balanced.


Time to Have Fun

Now that your pool is installed and all of the components have been tested, it’s time to enjoy the San Juan pool of your dreams in your backyard.

Transform your backyard with a custom pool installation by Able Pools and Spas in Wilmington, NC.

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Daniel E.

Able Pool help me with my pool, did a great job answering questions and explaining the process to me. So happy I gave them a call. Polite and upbeat with me after me probably asking the same question a million times, so happy with their help. If you want a pool or hottub, give them a call, you won't be disappointed.

T.R. Reid

Major kudos to everyone at Able Pools. From day one, every Able employee has been a pleasure to meet and work with. Care was taken every step of the way to ensure a quality job. The site crew went above the call of duty to make sure we were pleased with the installation. Y’ALL ROCK!!

Samantha W.

The staff at Able were incredible every step of my pool install process! I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone in the Wilmington area, they actually value their customers unlike a few of the other pool companies I spoke to...

Karen S.

From the minute I walked into the showroom, I was treated with respect and attention. Other pool stores didn't give me the time of day and didn't take me seriously as a potential buyer. They waited patiently for me while I finished building my new home, and as soon as it was completed, they came in and started their install. The crew was always polite, hard working, and skilled. When laying out the concrete, they again listened to my thoughts and laid it out exactly as I wanted.

Ben C.

Able Pools just finished our pool. its a big project and I couldn't ask for a better group to work with. they are hard working and very fair to work with. they always did exactly what they said and literally resolved any little issues quickly. They spent quite a bit of time teaching me in person and over the phone how to work this complex system. So glad I chose Sam and his team for this big investment. Huge thanks for everything.

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