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Why the Cheapest Pool Might Not be the Least Expensive

When I decided to establish and write this blog on our website, my intention was to provide as much information as I could to prospective pool buyers. The hope was, and is, that as buyers become more informed and understand the questions to ask, and the potential benefits and pitfalls of this purchase, they would begin to have confidence in our company and we would have an opportunity to earn their business. Along the way, we would slowly help folks increase their knowledge of Fiberglass pools, things to watch for and reasonable expectations for a successful completion of their project.

The problem I run into from time to time, is having to weigh the balance between being helpful and being friendly. It is a fine line, because to be helpful sometimes, you just cannot be friendly – you must step on someone’s toes, as you try to educate and protect your customers. But sometimes helpful can come across as “mean spirited” or “whiny” as raw truths are exposed.

Yesterday I had written a very informative blog on why cheap pools might not be the least expensive. Sometimes, pool customers grabbing at whatever they can get at the cheapest price, as quickly as possible, can lead to anguish, poor workmanship and an unforgettable experience – in a bad way.

I believe that a bad pool experience hurts all pool builders who believe in doing a good job at a fair price. We want to establish long term relationships with our customers, and believe that doing an excellent job will eventually lead to referrals. I had written a really powerful blog – and as I reread it, and asked for opinions I realized it was just too mean and too nasty to send to our friends, and I deleted the blog, ready to try again.

Not but five minutes later my computer chirped, telling me I had an email, and when I looked, it was another blog from our friends at River Pools and Spas. If you have never visited their website, I encourage you to do so, because it is without a doubt one of the most informative websites on the Planet. As I read the blog, written by Jason Hughes – one of the founders and owners of River Pools and Spas, I realized he had said what I wanted to say, but with grace, purpose and humor – it was perfect, similar to my effort but so much better.

I immediately emailed Jason, and asked his permission to link to his blog, and he gave his enthusiastic endorsement, noting that he felt he had written the article as much for other conscientious pool builders as for our first concern: our customers.

I cannot add to Jason’s words – they are clear, concise and perfectly true, and as a potential fiberglass pool owner, I encourage to read this as soon as you can. Those of us who love our work building pools, love the long term relationships we establish with our customers. We want to help you know that careful consideration of what you want, and the company you partner with to build that project for you, will lead to an unforgettable experience – in a very good way.

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