Why are Fiberglass Pools Suddenly So Popular?

Willie Nelson, one of the greatest songwriters of the era, and a personal favorite, wrote a great song in the 60’s – “Funny How Time Slips Away”.  There was a time when the fiberglass pool was considered “experimental”, and “second best” – a big bathtub.  Most times we couldn’t give them away – now we can’t build them fast enough.  A lot of time has slipped away, and there has never been a better time to invest in a fiberglass pool. What happened?

A number of things have made fiberglass pools one of the fastest growing sectors of the swimming pool community, and they fuel its continued move to being an Industry favorite.  Here is a brief run down of why the fiberglass pool growth has been so explosive.


Fiberglass Pool Installation is Very Quick – When I am asked, as usually happens, how long to build a fiberglass pool, I tell customers it will take four to six weeks. But we have built them in as little as three weeks.  When the inspections, and the weather work together, we can be in and out of your back yard, and you will be ready to swim, in record time.  A comparable sized concrete pool will take three months, and often much longer.  Advantage Fiberglass.

Fiberglass Pools Come In Many Styles and Sizes – It used to be that you could have a rectangular pool, or a not quite so rectangular pool, and that as about it.  San Juan Fiberglass Pools, our fiberglass pool of choice, now has almost 80 different sizes and shapes, from rectangles to freeform styles, built in hot tubs and beautifully curved landscape pools and infinity edge pools – the best selection available anywhere. No longer do pool customers have to “settle” for whatever they can get. The choice has never been as large and new models are added regularly, and the color choices are stunning.

Fiberglass Technology Make the Strongest Pool Ever – there was a time when fiberglass was considered a difficult material with lots of fabrication issues.  In the past twenty years, thy industry, often led by San Juan Fiberglass Pools, has completely redesigned the way fiberglass and resins are combined to build your pool.  San Juan Pools, in particular, still manufacturers their fiberglass pools by laying each piece of fiberglass by hand, and carefully laying out the design using resins that are considerably more expensive, and ensure your fiberglass pool will look as good in fifty years time as it does when we first install it for you.  There will never be liners to change, and never cracking of the concrete, requiring expensive repairs.  Today’s fiberglass pools are tough, resilient, flexible and so smooth that algae can’t even stick to its sides.  No rough plaster and concrete to tear up swimmers’ feet – just smooth fiberglass and gel coat, and the durability of granite.

The Least Maintenance of Any Swimming Pool – This has to be one of my favorites.  Because fiberglass is so smooth, chemical requirements are reduced, algae won’t stick to the walls, and dirt that settles to the bottom is slowly eased toward the main drains where it is easily removed, or just runs through the filter. In fact, we build all our fiberglass pools with a salt water system, and if you include a system to control pH, and an automatic pool cleaner, you will be very close to owning a “maintenance free” swimming pool.


These reasons, among others, help explain why fiberglass pools are so popular, and demand continues to rise.  Fiberglass pools are economically sensible, and because they are so easy to maintain, bring a lot of fun and family enjoyment to your summers, and a lot less worry about what has to be done.

So if you are thinking about diving into a fiberglass pool, please give us a call – 910-251-0038 – to discuss your needs, or download our Free Buyer’s Guide to help your research. There is still time to get your project finished for the summer’s enjoyment, but remember our friend Willie – time is slipping away…. and there will never be a better time.



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