What Is The Best Accessory for my Fiberglass Pool?

When ABLE Pools and Spas begins a fiberglass pool project, everything you need to use your new pool, is included in the price. As we often caution new pool buyers, the most important question to ask is, “what’s not included?” But there are so many other options you can add to your pool – some expensive and others less so. Which optional item will give the most value, or provide more use of your pool, or just make for more fun and play on those warm, and not so warm, summer days?

Here, in no particular order, are a few things to discuss with your builder…

* POOL HEATER – more than anything else, a pool heater will extend your pool season, keep the pool water at a temperature that everyone can enjoy, and ensure your pool is able to be used even on those cool cloudy days. When the April sun makes your pool look inviting, or when we have some of those spectacular weekends in the fall, adding a few degrees of temperature to your pool will make a huge difference. Many of our customers will use their heated pools well into the fall, and one customer keeps her pool heated until Halloween.

* AUTOMATIC POOL COVER – These auto covers are by far the best thing you can do for your pool. The pool stays covered unless it is being used, it keeps the leaves and dust out of your pool, and if you have a heater, an auto cover will keep the heat in. As a safety feature I believe auto covers are better than fences. The downside to an auto cover, is they are expensive, and they will require dilligent maintenance to keep them working properly. If you are of the “leave it until it quits” type of maintenance person, you probably should not get an auto cover. If you learn how to maintain an auto cover, and keep it in working order, this is the single best thing you can put on your pool. We build a lot of these automatic covers and our customers love them.

* AUTOMATIC POOL CLEANER – Let’s be honest – we all might say we enjoy cleaning our pools – standing in the sun, listening to the birds as we slowly vacuum the dust and leaves from our pools, but when it comes time to clean the pool, it is certainly more relaxing to throw an auto cleaner n the pool and let it do its job. There is nothing more relaxing than watching someone else work, and a good automatic cleaner will keep your pool spotless, and entertain you while it scrubs your pool walls. They are the best.

* WATERLINE TILE – The things that you want to keep out of your fiberglass pool, are the same things that like to float on the water surface – suntan oils, dust, hair, and these things always seem to end up stuck to the pool walls. Waterline tile, will add a beautiful border to your swimming pool, and hide that “oil line” until your auto cleaner, or your pool brush, and your pool chlorine can clean things off. Waterline tile is the “final touch” that seems to make a swimming pool look perfect, and the available choices are in the thousands. Most pool builders will keep a sample of the most recent and most popular choices, so take a moment to go into the showroom and see the selection. Also, on a fiberglass pool, waterline tile is one of the few things that can be applied after the pool is complete, so even if your pool is years old, if you want to add a nice touch to freshen up the look of your pool, ask your builder about waterline tile.

* AUTOMATIC CHEMICAL CONTROLS – at ABLE Pools, we don’t consider a Salt Water Chlorination system an accessory; it’s a standard item on our pools. The one thing that will make your pool a problem is if you let the chemical balance get out of control. By having a Salt Water chlorination system on your pool, you will be able to keep the correct chlorine level in your pool just by turning a dial, or as in the systems we install, just leave it alone and let it do its work. Another excellent addition to water balance is a system that will monitor the water and add chemicals as they are needed. Hayward Pool Equipment has a product called “Sense and Dispense”, that constantly monitors your pool chemical balance and adds chemicals as they are needed. We believe this is the kind of system that will forever change how pools are maintained, and you should discuss this option with your builder. The cost is not excessive, and the benefits far exceed the costs.

Those are a few things that you might consider on your pool as you discuss the final configuration with your builder. Remember, above all a swimming pool is meant to be a place for relaxation, enjoyment and family fun. By adding some or all of these optional items, you leave more time for your enjoyment of your swimming pool, and that makes all the difference.



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