Three Reasons Today is the Best Time to Invest in a Fiberglass Pool

I spent this past weekend at a Home Show here in Wilmington, and it was a wonderful experience. I love home shows because they give me an opportunity to spend time with folks I might not otherwise get to visit.

One of the best things about a home show, is there is no expectation to buy anything, there is not any obligation for the homeowner to give any information, and I find people are more willing to ask questions when they remain anonymous.

I have always felt that people are comfortable buying from someone who has made an effort to answer their questions honestly, and that is one of the reasons I spent time putting together my BUYER’S GUIDE TO FIBERGLASS POOLS. But I am always surprised at how many of the questions I deal with at a home show, are questions that never occurred to me. Things like, “will you have to dig up my driveway”, (No, when we go under a driveway or walkway we wash the lines through), “how often would I need to drain my pool?”, (never), and this unlikely question, “if it is a salt water pool, can I keep my fish in there”? Yes…… for about 10 minutes – just kidding – No is the correct answer, but how cool would that be?! We had a good laugh with that – he wasn’t serious… I hope.

One thing that caught me by surprise though, was a statement from someone I had visited in their home almost two years ago. They had loved the product, and had actually visited one of our customers’ pools, but decided afterwards that the price was too high. That is not unusual, and if the price exceeds your budget, then it is too high. It doesn’t mean the product is too expensive, or too much, it just exceeds your budget allowance, and is an excellent reason to defer the purchase. What surprised me was the statement that, “we thought the prices would have come down by now because of the recession.”

Would you be surprised to know that our costs from manufacturers, every one of them, have increased each year through this “recession”? Now, granted, many builders, including ABLE have absorbed as many of those costs as we could to keep prices down, but the cumulative effect over the past five years has seen prices rise. Additionally, we were alerted about a month ago, that prices were again going up, and this year the increases will be even more. I guess they believe the “recession” is over.

So here are the reasons why right now is the best price you will ever see for your new fiberglass swiming pool.

1. Prices never go down – ever

Large retailers keep their pricing down, or lower them, by increasing volume purchases from the manufacturers and demanding better pricing. There is no question that if I was to place an order of 1000 San Juan Fiberglass pools, 1000 Hayward pumps, 1000 Hayward filters, our prices would plummet, just because of the pressure we could apply. But most Wilmington pool builders only construct 40 or so swimming pools a year, so we have no control over our pricing. Today is absolutely positively the best price you are ever going to see for your new swimming pool. If you wait, the price will go up, because it always does.

2. Wilmington pool builders build all year long

There is a misconception that the swimming pool business is seasonal, and after Halloween everyone goes home and hibernates until the spring. In the colder climates that is often the case, because their equipment is buried under ten feet of snow, and the frost line is 4 feet below the surface. (that’s why we live in the South, right? I don’t have to shovel rain.)

Wilmington is not hampered by the snowfalls that bury equipment and back yards, and aside from days too cold or wet to let us work, we stay busy. Usually, the winter is when we catch up with folks who wanted to build in the winter so as not to disturb their yard in summer, and they would be ready for the next season. If you wait for the “Winter Discount” you will be disappointed. Today is the day!

3. If you get started early, you will have your pool all summer long

Because we build our pools one at a time as they are ordered, we are very careful to be direct with people about when their pool will be ready. It is a sad but true fact in the swimming pool business that some builders will start a pool right away after they get the deposit, and then abandon the project for weeks as they collect as many deposits as possible. Ultimately, that means those who yell and threaten the loudest are going to be finished first, and you probably won’t get your pool when you think you will. Hopefully the crazy rush to finish everyone’s pool, won’t affect the quality.

If ABLE starts your pool in the next 60 days, you will have your summer pool party on time, but don’t delay. We like to say, “The most important pool we will ever build is your pool”, and we sincerely believe that, but we only have so many crews, and when we are sold out for a certain time period, we are sold out.

We won’t leave your swimming pool project until we are complete, and we won’t accept your deposit if we cannot meet your expectations. We will be there every day until we are finished. Perhaps that means we won’t build as many pools as other builders who have ten or so swimming pool holes open at the same time, but the ones we do build will be beautiful, and we will finish when we say we will; especially yours.

The summer is coming, the kids are excited, and we’re ready. The price of your new swimming pool is the least expensive it will ever be. Today is absolutely the best day to start your pool project, so give us a call, or go HERE for your free pool quote.



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