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One question that gets asked a lot, is about pool heaters.  Heaters are one of those things in life like Life Insurance – you never need it until you need it.  I often explain to our customers that a pool heater will help take the edge off the water temperature […]

Hey, That Pool Heater Is Cool!!…

One of the things the McDonald’s Restaurant folks are very good at, is upselling – in fact their phrase, “do you want fries with that” has become part of our culture.  But what your server is really doing is “upselling” – adding on things to the order to increase the […]

Just What Does It Cost To Build a San Juan ...

When you choose someone to build your swimming pool, what are the things you should look for in a builder?  Perhaps one important question would be, “are you looking for the Brown M&Ms?” Here is the story…   I first read about the Brown M&Ms, in the autobiography of David […]

Why We Look For Brown M&Ms In Your Fiberglass Pool

If there is one thing we have learned over 20 years of building swimming pools, it is that the more we communicate with our customers, the happier everyone is.  Notice I said everyone, because if our customer is happy, then we are happy.   Communication is probably the single most […]

Can you hear me now? HOW ABOUT NOW!?

I hear this question more as the summer gets closer and people want to get in their new fiberglass pool quickly. Although we do have people call on May 1, wanting to be in their pools by Memorial day, most people understand the time to get started is in January, […]

Can I Build My Own Fiberglass Pool?

When Able Pools and Spas begins a fiberglass pool project, everything you need to use your new pool, is included in the price.  As we often caution new pool buyers, the most important question to ask is, “what’s not included?”.  There are so many other options you can add to […]

What Is The Best Accessory for my Fiberglass Pool?

This is a very dangerous time of the year for most pool buyers. The reason is very simple – the questions no longer are about the quality of the pool, or the abilities of the builder.  Now the most asked question is, “when can you start?”.   I had a first […]

When Can You Start? – A Cautionary Tale

Deciding to install a new pool Fiberglass Pool at your home, is a big decision, maybe one of the largest investments you can make for your home.  Paying for this investment is equally important.  What follows can be very easy or very complex, depending on which direction you go.  Will […]

How Do I Finance My New Pool?

Willie Nelson, one of the greatest songwriters of the era, and a personal favorite, wrote a great song in the 60’s – “Funny How Time Slips Away”.  There was a time when the fiberglass pool was considered “experimental”, and “second best” – a big bathtub.  Most times we couldn’t give […]

Why are Fiberglass Pools Suddenly So Popular?

I believe that in many ways, the development and growth of the Internet is the greatest invention of the 20th Century.  I know, I know, things like the telephone, aviation, television and even the personal computer are powerful and life changing advancements, but the Internet has combined the thinking power […]

Why Cheap Internet Prices are not Always Good for You

When I decided to establish and write this blog on our website, my intention was to provide as much information as I could to prospective pool buyers.  The hope was, and is, that as buyers become more informed and understand the questions to ask, and the potential benefits and pitfalls […]

Why the Cheapest Pool Might Not be the Least Expensive

One of the things we mention in our Free Download Book, is that one of the downsides of building a fiberglass pool is the size limitation. Because of the way fiberglass pools are transported, the maximum width of a fiberglass pool will be about seventeen feet.  Even then, the pool […]

Are Fiberglass Pools Too Small?

HOW TO STREEEEETTTCH THAT DOLLAR – The adage, “you can’t get there from here”, often applies to buying a fiberglass pool.  I sometimes meet people who have a list of things they want done on their project, and the list is extensive and expensive.  After adding everything up, the cost […]

6 Ways to Lower Your Fiberglass Pool Cost – At ...

Fiberglass pools are a lot like cameras – OK follow me here.  I own a very good camera and I want you to know the camera is the cheapest thing about the whole setup.  Once you get the camera, there are lenses, and filters, and lights, and special batteries, and […]

5 Cool Options for Your Fiberglass Pool

One of the joys of fiberglass pools, is the very limited number of things that can go wrong. Unlike concrete pools, where a crack can mean the ruination of the whole project, or vinyl liner pools where liner damage and bottom damage can get very costly very quickly, fiberglass pools […]

Fiberglass Pool Problems and Fixes

How Much does a fiberglass pool cost?  What Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost? When I am discussing a new fiberglass pool with a prospective homeowner, I always like to get one thing out of the way immediately – the price. Our prices are printed on a laminated sheet of paper, […]

How Much Will My Fiberglass Pool Cost?

I well remember well my first pool experience. The home we purchased had a large pool installed, and there was a shed in the back which housed all the equipment. Because we were not the original buyers, there was no orientation, no instruction, no labels and a really complex looking […]

How Does Fiberglass Pool Plumbing Work?

Ralph – ABLE’s Pool Maintenance Guy, dilligently cleaning one of our inground Fiberglass Pools. I have to say that pool maintenance is one of those things I reeeeeeally don’t want to do! Some people, just love to get out the nets and poles and clean the pool every couple of […]

How Much Maintenance Will I Do On a Fiberglass Pool?

Ground water here along the coast, is a fact of life. In some placesbigpreview_Water_H2O you only have to dig two feet or so before you begin to see water gather. In other places it may be as much as six or eight feet down to water, but it is there […]

Fiberglass Pools and Groundwater?

As you look at pictures of nice blue pools, and wonder what will be best for you, the decking or patio requirements are often overlooked. Our fiberglass pools come with four feet of concrete around the swimming pool, as standard, but we know from experience that standard is never enough […]

How Much Patio Space Will I Need for my New ...

Fiberglass pool prices often seem to be a closely guarded secret. While we happily offer our fiberglass pool prices while discussing a potential project, we recognize there seems to be a reluctance among all fiberglass pool builders, to just hand out pricing to anyone who asks. Pricing is an important […]

How Much Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost?

A huge change has occurred in the swimming pool industry over the past ten years. Almost every day I get questions about salt pools, salt water pools, salt filters or salt pumps – each question is a realization that the era of salt water chlorination has arrived to stay. To […]

What is a “Salt Water” pool?