Just What Does It Cost To Build a San Juan Fiberglass Pool?

One of the things the McDonald’s Restaurant folks are very good at, is upselling – in fact their phrase, “do you want fries with that” has become part of our culture.  But what your server is really doing is “upselling” – adding on things to the order to increase the sale.


For most of us, an additional 75 cents or so to our order is not a big deal, but when you start adding on things to a fiberglass swimming pool, it can add up very quickly.  For that reason, at Able Pools we price our swimming pools as “Swim Ready”.  That means if you never add anything else for as long as you own the pool it will give you good service and usefulness.  The price is the price.


As I travel around visiting people in their homes, and trying to help them design a San Juan Fiberglass pool, I am always listening to hear what our competitors are doing.  One thing that has started to be a constant, is the complaint, “we couldn’t ever seem to get a firm price on any pool. Every time we tried to nail down a price, things seemed to change – things were added or when we asked, not included”.


When you meet with one of our sales reps, and you ask for a price, they will pull out their printed and laminated price sheet and price the pool for you that second.  And more importantly, that price will include everything you will need for that pool to be functional.  The price will include the cost of the electrical, the concrete is included, the permits, a salt system, everything to run the pool – nothing you will need for your pool to be fully functional will be excluded.  Any soil removed during excavation will also be removed, and we will leave your pool ready for your landscaper or perhaps just for your own sod.


Now of course you can spend a lot more on the pool construction beyond what you need, but that should be a decision you make after a discussion with your pool builder, and once you know exactly what your pool will cost.  Extras should be extra, but the things you will need for your pool to operate properly are not extra, they are necessary and should be part of the price – if that price is not immediately forthcoming you should be extra cautious that your price doesn’t change based on your ability to pay more.  If the fries are not included, the hamburger shouldn’t cost more.  Ask for the price of the designs you like before you meet with the sales person.  If the response is, “we can’t give you a price until we visit your home”, you should look elsewhere.  Check out our San Juan Fiberglass pools designs at www.ablepoolsandspas.com, look for the designs you like, and then call us at 910-251-0038 and we will tell you the price over the phone – and the fries are always included.



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