How Much Maintenance Will I Do On a Fiberglass Pool?

Ralph – ABLE’s Pool Maintenance Guy, dilligently cleaning one of our inground Fiberglass Pools.

I have to say that pool maintenance is one of those things I reeeeeeally don’t want to do! Some people, just love to get out the nets and poles and clean the pool every couple of hours, but the rest of us much prefer to relax, read, and enjoy our swiming pool. And if pool cleaning is your thing, you may be stuck for something to do, because an inground Fiberglass Swimming Pool, is about as close as you can get to a maintenance free pool.

The important thing to know is that unlike concrete or vinyl, fiberglass isn’t porous – algae won’t stick to fiberglass, and therefore won’t have to be scrubbed away. Things that blow into the pool, always end up at the bottom of the pool, and often end up being sucked into the main drain and captured by the filter. Leaves and floating debris, get sucked into the skimmer. And, of course, every ABLE swimming pool comes with a salt water system, included, to maintain a chemical balance for your sanitizer.

If you were to add in a pool cleaner, (not Ralph, above – he’s too busy) and perhaps a cover, I believe that is about as close as you can get to a no-maintenance pool. Realistically, if chemical balance is maintained, and you haven’t built your pool underneath a row of pine trees, the only requirement is to make sure your pump comes on at regular intervals (a pump timer is included with every ABLE pool), and every now and then perhaps clean the filter. If you choose to use a sand filter, and 99/100 of our customers do, then once or twice a season you might have to backwash your filter, a task easly done with one hand, while the other holds your favorite beverage.

Now I recognize I am being a little playful here, but when I am poolside, I think the most important thing for me to do is relax, play with the grands or throw tennis balls into the pool for the dog. These are the important things and swimming pools are seriously about family fun, cooling off in the summer and enjoying the warm breezes. And, it is not an exaggeration to say, that Fiberglass Swimming Pools are the lowest maintenance pools you can build. No porous concrete to scrub out algae with a wire brush, no plaster to have replaced, no liners to patch or replace, no calcium loss to weaken your concrete. Fiberglass swimming pools are just as good as it gets when it comes time to maintain your pool – this is a true case of “less is more”.

In a later post, I will spend some time discussing the few things you will need to do to maintain a chemical balance in your pool, but even then, with a salt system to maintain your sanitizer, adding a little baking soda every now and then, shouldn’t be a big deal, and when ABLE installs your swimming pool, we will test your water at no charge, anytime you care to drop by.

As I write this in February, the weather is freezing cold, power lines are on the ground in some places, many people don’t have power in their homes (me included) and probably won’t for a few days, and I would much prefer to bein a lounger enjoying my pool. If you are thinking that about right now would be a good time to consider a fiberglass swimming pool, take a moment to stop by our POOL SCHOOL and see if we can answer some questions for you. If you would like to know the cost of a figerglass pool, click on over to our free QUOTE PAGE, and we will give you some idea of what a pool your size might cost. And if you want excellent advice shopping for a fiberglass swimming pool, download our FREE FIBERGLASS POOL BUYERS GUIDE, and get your questions ready. And, if you have a pool already, and it’s not a fiberglass pool, we’ll see if we can fit you into Ralph the Pool Cleaner’s busy schedule. We’ll ask him when he wakes up.



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