How Much Are Electrical Costs for Your Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

Electrical costs for your new fiberglass pool, are one of those things that seem to fade in and out of many pool building conversations. It is not uncommon to find very expensive swimming pool projects, where the electrical is not included in the final price. It is important that you ensure any electrical costs to build your swimming pool are included in the price, or that you get a credit should you have the electrical hookup done yourself.


As a homeowner, you most likely do not have access to an electrician with the necessary understanding of swimming pool projects. If your builder one day tells you, “OK – it’s time for you to call your electrician”, you could be in for quite a “shock”. Knowing what to expect and what is included will save problems during the installation.


An electrical hookup for a new fiberglass swimming pool will involve the following:

  • A permit for the electrical work must be obtained
  • Correct sized wires run from the electrical panel to the equipment pad
  • A sub panel installed at the equipment pad to accommodate the required breakers
  • Trenches dug from the pool to the equipment pad and conduit placed for the wiring
  • Bonding of the water in the pool and around the pool decking
  • Connection of the pool pump, the light, any heater, Salt Water System and timer
  • All necessary inspections performed


Our pricing for our fiberglass swimming pools, always includes the electrical connection. We have been dealing with the same Electrical Firm for over a decade, and they understand what we want and how we want it done. We do much of the labor work like digging, and we lay the bonding wires and conduit for their inspection, before the County inspectors are called. This helps keep your costs down.


All this extra effort is to ensure your costs for the swimming pool are kept as low as possible. If ever you are dealing with a contractor who says you must hire your own electrician, be aware that an inexperienced consumer going into the subcontractor marketplace could find the whole thing very costly – in excess of $2500. If you deal with a builder who has the electrical costs “included” you will be certain not to have any cost overruns, and it is the builder’s responsibility to ensure the electrical hookup for your pool is done correctly.


Some things that might cost extra for you would be if there was not enough space left in the main electrical panel. If not the electricians will have to install a sub-panel at the main electrical panel, and that cost will be additional to you.


If the “run” for the electrical wiring is extra long, you should expect extra costs. While your builder may have allowed for an electrical run of 50 feet, if you tell him you want the pool equipment 150 feet away from the home, you will have an additional cost to cover for the extra time and materials. Most builders will cover uip to 50′ without any additional costs being charged to the homeowner.


Ultimately, your costs for electrical hookup for your pool should be “nothing” if you choose the right builder. The price for electrical should be included in your pool price, except for anything that is not “standard” as mentioned above. If your prospective builder does not include electrical costs, you should find a builder who does. Any money you might save by contracting it yourself, will be quickly eaten up because you probably do not have the knowledge and skills to manage an electrical subcontract.


One exception is if you have a “friend of the family”, or a relative, who is willing to do the electrical work for you. In that case the builder should prepare a credit back to you for the savings you will have on the electrical costs. In our case we typically credit back $1200 to the homeowner’s account.



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