Hey, That Pool Heater Is Cool!!…

One question that gets asked a lot, is about pool heaters.  Heaters are one of those things in life like Life Insurance – you never need it until you need it.  I often explain to our customers that a pool heater will help take the edge off the water temperature and give you more use of your pool.  But it is important to remember that if the temperature outside is 38 degrees, even if the pool temperature is 85, you will not want to be sitting around the pool.  Heaters are excellent for extending your season and if used for that purpose, will give you a lot more time in your pool.  Recently though, we have been hearing a lot about pool coolers – yes I said coolers, and not the kind you drink floating in your pool.


When the summer starts to heat up, often your pool will do the same thing.  I have heard of people buying blocks of ice to drop in their pool to try and get the temperature to a more refreshing level.  But now we are living in an age of wonderful things and you have the option of heating – and cooling – your new San Juan Fiberglass pool.


When I ask my customers what their preferred water temperature is, I usually get two extremes – for some the temperature needs to be in excess of 90 degrees – not a problem here in sunny Wilmington – but for others they want the pool much cooler. Actually many believe the ideal pool temperature is 88 degrees.  The water temperature for competitive swimming is between 77° and 82°.  But there is a way to heat your pool, in the months of April and October, and then use the same heater – or cooler – to keep those summer temperatures under control.


When you are designing your new San Juan Fiberglass pool from Able Pools and Spas, ask me about heating and cooling heat pumps.  With the new designs available now, you just set the pool heater to the temperature you would like, and the system will keep it within two degrees of your set point.  If you set the temperature to 88 degrees, and the pool temperature rises to 90, the system will reverse itself and go into “cool” mode and lower the temperature back to 88 degrees. Conversely if the temperature cools down to 86 degrees, the heater system will engage and warm the water back up to 88 degrees.


Pool heaters are not for everyone, just because some people don’t care what the pool temperature might be – especially those little 12 year olds with the blue lips shivering as they tell you, “no Mom – I’m not cccccooold.”  But if you are a grown up, and want to spend more time in your swimming pool, or perhaps enjoying your refreshing swimming pool more, consider the new heat/cool system – it’s cool – well actually its hot – warm – and cool ……. you get it.



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