Fiberglass Pools, Vinyl Liner Pools and Concrete Pools – A Comparison? Pt. 3 – Fiberglass Pools

There is not doubt about this – Fiberglass is King. For most homeowners this is the way to get the best pool for your famly, significantly reduce maintenance and ongoing costs, and spend more time enjoying your swimming pool with your famly and no time worrying about how your pool will look in ten years.

Of course, fiberglass has its limitations, and this series of blogs is meant to provide the pros and cons of each type of swimming pool.

Probably the largest single complaint people have about fiberglass pools, is that they are limited in size. Because they have to be transported from where they are made into your back yard, and they have to do so by truck (usually), the maximum width of a fiberglass swimming pool is about 17 feet. Even then, these huge pools are mounted on special trailers that tilt to reduce the road width and permit transportation, so large pools are certainly an option.

Size is offset, by the amount of different designs available. San Juan Fiberglass pools, which manufactures the fiberglass pool ABLE builds, has over 75 different designs. You can look them over HERE and I believe there is certainly something for everyone in that wonderful collection. San Juan Fiberglass pools continues to add new designs regularly, and clearly leads the industry as it has done for over 55 years.

Other reasons fiberglass inground pools are beginning to dominate the market, is the ease of maintenance, the comfort of swimming in a swimming pool that is silky smooth on your feet, the incredible designs of pool/landscapes that are possible, and the relative economy of a product you will buy once, and never have to face a major ongoing maintenance issue.

Fiberglass swimming pools never need liners changed, never have rough bottoms because of vermiculite movement by water, never scrape soft fingers and toes, never have to be replastered, repainted, retrowled, power washed or sandblasted. And this material is so durable, so tough, I can absolutely state without question, that if I took a hammer to the wall of my fiberglass swimming pool and put a fist sized hole in the wall, four hours later you would never know there had been any damage. Fiberglass is the KING of inground swimming pools; strong, durable, long lasting, and worthy of wearing the crown.

To end this three part blog, if you are considering a swimming pool, take the time to investigate all your options. This information is meant to be a starting point for your discovery. Download our Original Fiberglass Pool Buyer’s Guide and learn the questions to ask before you talk to a fiberglass pool builder. If you would like some idea of cost, beyond the thumbnail method in the Free Book, just click HERE and we’ll put together a solid quote based on the information you provide.

There has never been a better time to invest in an inground Fiberglass Swimming pool. The technology is at its peak, and the trend is solidly moving toward Fiberglass pools as the swimming pools of the future. It’s good to be King!!



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