Coping Options

When your fiberglass swimming pool is being constructed, you will have three options for the final finish or look of the pool. You can leave the fiberglass coping exposed, have a cantilevered concrete coping poured, or use a stone or pavers around the coping of your pool. The coping of your fiberglass pool is the connection between your decking and the water. Coping is the first thing people see when they look at your pool.  They can offer very attractive contrasts to the concrete decking  giving a very nice look to your pool. While playing or just resting, small children like the comfort of having a “handhold” when swimming. Coping ensures your fiberglass is no longer exposed to the sun, or to the possibility of cracking or chipping. The finished look makes your pool look professionally done with clean coping lines. Ask us today about all the options to add a unique look to your pool!