Are Fiberglass Pools Too Small?

One of the things we mention in our Free Download Book, is that one of the downsides of building a fiberglass pool is the size limitation. Because of the way fiberglass pools are transported, the maximum width of a fiberglass pool will be about seventeen feet.  Even then, the pool usually has to be on a special tilted trailer to reduce the total width being transported.


So to answer the question about fiberglass pools being too small, we should first ask, how will the pool be used.  If the pool is to be used as a specialty pool, such as a lap pool, then the width is of no concern. In fact a narrow pool is good for lap swimmers who like to stay in a lane.  If the pool is to be used as a family pool, then our larger pools like the “Dallas”, or “Taj Mahal”, are going to accommodate a large group with ease.


The underlying concern, though, is that we have been conditioned to believe that larger is better when it comes to swimming pools.  The fact is that while large pools might serve the purpose you have for using your pool, they are also going to require more maintenance and cleaning – the bigger the pool the bigger the maintenance.  And they will cost more.


I recently spent some time conversing with a family who had come to our store to discuss a new pool. The first question was, “what is the biggest, deepest pool you have?” I showed them the pool, and the price, and they were somewhat surprised at the cost.  I asked why they needed such a large pool, and the mom explained that they had an above ground pool, and she didn’t ever again want to bend down to stay submerged over her shoulders; good point.


As we continued to discuss the matter, I pointed out that by having a deep (8′) pool, they would need to constantly tread water if they wanted to play in the deep end. To a child that is noooo problemo. But as adults, as we get older, treading water for extended periods of time is a lot like work; big problemo. While many children have the metabolism of hummingbirds, and can go like the “Energizer” bunny, most of us really don’t want to work to enjoy our pools. Last time I checked my pool float just needed the top six inches or so of the water, so another 7 feet or so was of no value.  And on the same topic, I have never heard of a child who ran out the door to jump in the pool, stopped, looked around, and said, “It’s too small, I’m not getting in”.  To a child if it’s wet, it’s perfect.


Another concern for adults, is that at some point (sadly) the young ones will pack off to college, and you will then have this really big pool that is too large for you both.  When children are home to help with the chores things are fine, but when you are the one doing the work, it’s not so good. (See aforementioned big problemo)


So the answer to the question about fiberglass pools being too small, is no – they are just right.  Water fun is water fun, and an extra foot or two of width will have no impact at all on how much fun you will have.  In the twenty years we have been installing pools, we have never had a customer complain that their pool was too small.  But a few have allowed as to how if they could do it again, they might have chosen something a little smaller.


If you buy the pool for you, the children will have just as much fun, and when you are finally alone in your home, you will come to realize you made the right decision.  With pools ranging in size from 8 feet wide to 17 feet wide and 45 feet in length, and everything in between, there is a pool for everyone’s needs. And when the young ones return home with their young ones, sitting on the pool steps with a grandchild in three inches of water is just about Heaven – but that’s another story.



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