5 Cool Options for Your Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass pools are a lot like cameras – OK follow me here.  I own a very good camera and I want you to know the camera is the cheapest thing about the whole setup.  Once you get the camera, there are lenses, and filters, and lights, and special batteries, and tripods, and monopods, and pretty soon your camera is lost among a closet full of other things.

When people get their new pool, in about a month they will be added to every single pool supply store and pool gadget store in the nation. These companies scour the public permit applications for names and addresses, and then start to remind you about the wonderful things you can buy for your pool.  A lot of the things offered are useful but a lot of them are just ways to lighten your wallet, or weigh down your credit card.

So, in this Blog, I am going to present to you, in no particular order, five really cool optional items for your new figerglass pool.  You don’t need any of these things to enjoy your pool, like I didn’t need a fisheye lens for my camera, but it’s very cool…. and I have one.  So here we go – hang on to your wallet!


1. ELECTRIC ROBOTIC CLEANER – These things are the best!  I usually offer the Maytronics Dolphin Endeavor because it is an excellent cleaner and if there is a warranty issue (two year warranty) we can repair it at our store – no packing up and sending it away.  At my pool, I put the robot in the pool after we are finished for the day and when I open the pool in the morning it is beautiful and clean.  Take out the robot, and enjoy the nice clean pool.  The days of standing with a pole and brushing and vacuuming are gone.  They even ride up the walls and clean the waterline.  Do you need an electric robotic pool cleaner? No – but they are very cool, and work really well. Expect to pay $950 – $1550 for a good one.


2. AUTOMATIC COVER –  Automatic covers operate on tracks that fit under the coping on square or rectangular pools, or flush mounted on the deck for irregular shaped pools. They are operated usually by turning a key, although some have wireless systems.  You turn the key and the cover closes, enclosing the pool, keeping dirt and rain water out, and keeping pool heat in.   They also keep children and animals out of the pool.  Now, they are cantankerous things that require you keep the tracks clean, and be patient if they don’t open up evenly (that means an adjustment is needed). But they really are a cool addition to your pool. They keep the pool looking great and at exactly the right temperature because heat is kept in at night when we lose most of our pool heat.  And nothing blows into the pool like leaves and pine straw.  Did I mention they keep children out of the pool?  Automatic pool covers are very expensive – $9000 to $16000 depending on the pool, and the cover will need to be replaced every five years or so ($1500) but they really are a game changer for your new pool.  Do you need one? No.  Is it about as cool an option as there is available? Yes.

3. SYNCHRONIZED COLOR LED LIGHTS – Pool lights are really not necessary unless children will be in the pool after dark.  But if you want something that will really set off your pool’s beauty, look for adding additional colored LED lights.  The new ones talk to each other and can put on a light show that has to be seen.  You can fill your pool with a single color, or have it slowly fade from one color to another.  In the Hayward Colorlogic past, these lights were thousands of dollars, but now a pair of synchronized lights  should run from $700 up to about $1400.  If you have friends over for a BBQ, and the day fades into evening, a colored fiberglass pool will reflect back the light and create a beautiful background. W hite lights do the job, but colored lights make a huge difference, and with the electronic light shows programmed into them, these lights make for a very cool pool.


4. HEAT/COOL PUMP – I will do a Blog in the future on the options you have for heating your pool, but without getting into those details, let me just say that a heat pump is the most efficient way to heat your pool.  A heat pump is very similar to the HVAC heating and cooling system you have on your home.  The same principle works for heating – and cooling your pool water – how cool is that?  We all know the benefits of heating your pool but in those hot summer months your pool water can be as warm as soup. What if you could push a button and your pool heater would become your pool cooler?  Well with the right equipment that is possible, and your 95 degree water gets cooled down to a refreshing 88 degrees or less if you are so inclined – whatever Aquacal Ice breaker temperature you set.  Even just a few degrees can make a huge difference in the comfort of your pool on those hot days. If you really want to “chill” in your fiberglass pool, this is the way.  Added bonus, this is a great way to get the kids to stay in the pool and burn up all that energy, because we all know the colder the pool water, the more the kids want to stay in the pool.   Who hasn’t seen their children with blue shivering lips look up from the pool water and say, “no I’m not cold – can we stay in longer?” Heat/Cool pumps are a completely unnecessary but wonderfully cool way to add to your pool.  Expect to pay about $7000.


5. TRAVERTINE STONE COPING AND DECKING – I am a huge fan of this wonderful natural stone product. Travertine deposits occur all over the world, and the Romans used it a lot for their temples and many other things.  In fact the Colosseum is constructed of Travertine stone.  Most of the Travertine we use comes from Turkey, which is a major supplier of the stone.  One of the best advantages of Travertine is its ability to stay cool even in the heat of the noon sun.  Travertine also has a natural ability to stay fairly non slippery when it is wet.  The joints Travertine Decking combined with the stone’s natural reluctance to be slippery makes this a great choice for pool coping and decking.  As a coping, where you will spend a lot of time sitting around your pool, Travertine stone is not only cool, but will accent your pool’s edge, making it look very elegant.  You can then combine that with a deck coating that is colored to match, or just add more Travertine for decking.  Travertine is one of the most beautiful things you can do with your pool.  It is elegant, functional and the kind of thing that highlights your pool as something special.  Even when used as accents in the concrete decking, Travertine natural stone is just perfect, and because it can be moved, removed or replaced, it will not crack your deck like concrete will.  We build a lot of Travertine decks, and use Travertine for all our stone coping.  It is not inexpensive, (what quality product is?) but long after your stamped or gray concrete has made your pool look a little drab, a Travertine deck or coping will look like new.  Expect to pay $40 to $55 a linear foot for coping and $18 to $24 a square foot for decking – depending on deck size – large decks are less expensive per square foot.  Here is our website for Travertine where you can see all the different types and colors.

Accessories and options for your pool, are just that – optional and meant as accessories to the primary purpose of the pool.  We build and price our fiberglass pools as “swim ready” – when we leave the pool is ready to go and you can just jump in – there is nothing to add. However if you feel Wilmington Fiberglas Pool Builder the need to add your own touch to your pool, or just make things look a little nicer and more comfortable, think about adding these completely unnecessary, but very cool extras to your fiberglass pool – and get a good pair of sunglass as well – if you are going to be really cool in your pool, you must look the part.  Expect to pay $5.00 to as much as a new house – depending on the brand.



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